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OEM Decor to Transform Any Venue with Natural Beauty!

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We create lifelike artificial trees for leading brands in large water parks, theme parks, exhibits, hotel projects, home plaza designs, and other large-scale engineering projects with high global customer satisfaction.

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Elevate your business ambiance with our diverse artificial trees. Available in various sizes, they are perfectly suited for any setting.

Artificial Coconut Trees

Artificial cherry blossom trees

Artificial banyan trees

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Discover our top-rated collection of premium artificial plants featuring cherry blossoms, olive trees, banyans, palms, and coconuts. Each piece is crafted to bring realistic beauty and enduring charm to your place.

Optimize Your Projects with Complete Solutions

High-End Quality

Enhance your project with our premium landscape designs. We ensure luxurious, enduring environments through our strict quality control processes, guaranteeing exceptional standards.

Customized Solutions

Meet your unique project needs with our tailored designs. We provide lifelike artificial plants, flowers, and artistic rockeries that align perfectly with your vision.

Outdoor Excellence

Keep your project stunning and resilient with our trees. Designed to withstand strong winds and UV rays, they maintain their beauty for 10 years without any maintenance, ensuring long-term value.

Market Insight

Stay at the forefront of industry trends with our innovative products. Crafted to meet the latest market demands, our solutions guarantee your projects remain a step ahead.

The Steps Our Products Take Before Reaching You

Explore the detailed process our products undergo, from initial creation to final delivery, ensuring exceptional quality and complete customer satisfaction. We guarantee our products will reach you in perfect condition.

1.Trunk Mold Making

2.Tree Welding

3.Making Trunk Branches

4.Spraying Color

5.Inserting Branches

6.Handling Details


8.Container Loading

Find Your Inspiration from Real Customer Creations

Explore the versatility of our artificial plants, perfect for a variety of settings including tourist attractions, playgrounds, hotels, malls, resorts, beaches, and weddings. See how our customers have used our products to enhance and beautify these spaces!

Global Reach: Realistic Trees Everywhere

Our trees are globally renowned, reaching customers across South America, North America, Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia.




Horti Asia In Thailand

Certifications & Patents: Our Seal of Quality

Our products meet the highest standards, backed by rigorous testing reports and patented innovations.

We are dedicated to delivering superior quality and reliability.

Flame Retardant Testing

Ultraviolet Detection

Packaging Testing

Solar Power Tree Patent

True Testimonials from Our Valued Customers

The custom trees for us exceeded our expectations in both quality and design. Your team's attention to detail and commitment to our specifications is unparalleled.
Michael Brown
Landscape Architect
Our orders always arrive on time and in perfect condition. Your reliable logistics give us peace of mind and help us plan our projects without delays
David Harris
Senior Buyer
Each tree is incredibly realistic and well-made. Our clients are always impressed with how natural they look. Your commitment to quality truly sets you apart
Emily Johnson,
Supply Chain Manager

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